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Venus in Aries just gave me a some new ideas for 4 Wands.
Four is stability... and is an even, passive number... so the fire/masculine/active element in this card is balanced, stabilized and centered by the feminine/passive element, it is contained. I guess Venus is water or earth, but all I can think of for Venus is molten lava.

Venus is also a passive influence, of love, passion and Aries is fire, forceful, directed drive/will... so together it would be the combination of passion and will to arrive to a stable place. It also fit's with that marriage bed too... since it's a combo of male/female passion/desire/driving creative/life force. I am not explaining this well at all.

Wanting something with all your heart and soul and using your drive and force of will to make it be and this is the manifestation of that actually happening.
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