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I can understand why some people see a disturbing quality because of the perspective. Like Kazz, I usually read this card as the card of nostalgia, the past, memories. It can have both positive and negative meanings.

It's interesting that according to the Penguin dictionary of symbols, Flowers in general can be seen as a "symbol of the love and harmony characteristic of primeval nature. They become identified with the symbolism of childhood and to some degree that of the paradisal state of innocence."

5-petaled flowers--The pentagram is a five-pointed star. The five points stand for the number of the four elements plus the fifth element spirit. It represents the figure of man, the triumph of spirit over the baser elements.

Another quote from the Penguin dictionary of symbols, "The wearing of white gloves by Freemasons, is a symbol of purity, preventing unwitting and direct contact with anything unclean. " (Aoife already pointed this out.) I don't know if this should be viewed as a warning or simply as a symbol of the purity of children.

Most of the time I view the distorted look of the figures as a symbol that memories often become distorted over time.

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