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and just to make things even more confusing . . .

Not to distract from the topic of the 6 of cups but several things are on my mind that are invoked by this thread so far.

The RW cards are intentionally vauge to hide something behind the veil (as AE Waite identifies in his book). However, the 6 of all the suits in this deck do in fact seem off as does the Lovers being the 6th major. although the lovers archetype is associated with the six of cups, two figures (although in this case what could be symbolically 2 children or somethign more ominous)in a guesture of trust and/or love, it is a question as to what the truth behidn this card and this deck are.

Since the Order of the Golden Dawn has a heavy hand in the current incarnation of the tarot (for good and for ill) it stands to reason tht the independent beliefs of the indivudals in the OGD may not be that of the most compassionate to traditional and biblical standards and may have associated more negative attributions to the number 6.

To me 6 is a number of change and chaos that comes with it. Six and nine (as the nines in this deck are also ominous)create a never ending spiral (6+9=15, 15 being the devi of the major arcania symbolizing oppression and conditioning)concluding with a new vision, something that those in power do not want others to have since having a new vision comes from one self and removes the need to conform to the norm while still providing society with their needs in new and innovative ways that provide the truth and comfort to those who seek such things.
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