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Originally posted by mooncat2
I don't mind sharing at all but it's hard to put into words. You know the wonderful feeling you have when opening a new deck and loving every minute of going through the cards for the first time. My mind was recognising how lovely they were and how much I liked them but inside ...... like a wariness and this sounds so if I was frightened of them. It won't go away.

Yesterday I decided to lay a spread for some answers and if anyone would like to comment I would be grateful. I asked for some insight into this problem.

1. My task - what I need to do - 7 Chalices
2. The problem - 6 Chalices
3. The solution - Devil
4. What I don't understand - King Pentacles
5. What its all about - 2 Chalices

hi Mooncat2 what an interesting spread.
I layed out the cards with my Robin Wood first, then layed out the Fey next to them. It presented a very different feeling.

Your Task - 7 of Chalices in the Fey the poor little guy is knocked down by the unexpectedness of his feelings.
Some of the images in the cards affected you deeply.
The problem - 6 of Chalices: I think by the presents of the 6 of chalices possibaly even relating to some childhood memories.
Your task seems to be to try and absorb these images in a tranquil way.
Not let your past experiences control your impressions of the cards.
The Solution - The devil: As soon as you realize you're are in bondage to a past memory, and connect with it through the cards, it won't have the power to frighten you anymore.
What you don't understand-King of Pentacles. The Fey has much to teach you. It seems to be a "bridge deck" for you to lead you to another level of study. You have studied and acheived much through the years. This deck in some strange way will open you up too sharing your wealth of knowledge. The King of Pentacles in this deck has a stern look. He has built wealth and security around himself but he knows that isn't all there is to happiness. There are emotions to deal with.
What it's all about- 2 of Chalices A partenership based on healing and aquired love. You'll come to love this deck in time and feel a strong partenership with it. You will recognize that it came along just at the right time to heal something in your life that you needed to heal.
What started out in fear will turn into deep understanding.
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