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I don't really get the "new beginnings" meaning either. I mean, I suppose there is symbolism of it in the drawing itself - the light in the background is like a sunrise on a misty day and the wands are spread almost in a half-disc, like the sun peeking above the horizon - but these feel like a stretch. Perhaps the frog is moving to a new home and is going through a current period of struggle before settling at a new situation in life.

I see more of duty, whether actual or perceived. Responsibility, assigned by others or taken on under your own will. Are you capable of carrying everything you've taken on? Doo you need to relieve your load or are you content with slow movement (the frog looks like he's taking slow, deliberate steps)?

The frog seems to have bags under his eyes, and he is on a dark path, which does tend this card more towards indicating you may be carrying more than is necessary. But could the frog carry the wands in two trips or is the castle in the far distance (I think his starting point) simply too far from the destination to make that efficient? The card indicates re-evaluate what you are carrying and whether it is necessary to shoulder it all.
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