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Originally Posted by coyoteblack View Post
78 week 4of Wands Druidcraft

Fire: I think this is the key to the card for me it shows a small functional fire very stationary and under control. On the flip side it will burn out if not tended to and it can destroy the garland
Poles/Wands: show the security and stability of the card
Garland: Shows the celebration part of this card
The Path: makes a connection to the house / hearth and the work
House: rest and relaxation the home where we feel safe and secure

Element and Number
Fire: Energy, Willpower, Passion. Work, as in commerce
4: Stability, Security, Stagnation
Great idea, I totally agree with you. To me, it can be the beginning of the party, or in the middle of it, or even after the end of it. In every case, the atmosphere is still cozy, warm, connecting to home, heart...
- If it is the beginning of the party, I think that the host has get preparation done and used this vacant time when he is waiting for the guests to take a rest, to enjoy the peace...
- In the middle of it: people are gathering in the house, the fire keeps on burning
stationarily, just like the party itself. Not every party means "getting high, getting crazy", right, it could be a warm, small parties with just some close-knit friends together. They are talking quitely and it seems to be a warm meeting, not really a party or celebration.
- After the party: I think it tends to be after the party. Joyful remains, people are taking rest after a time of being playful and excited. The fire is under control so that it doesn't burn the poles there.
The four rocks around seems firm and protective, it can be a "back of a seat" for people to gather around the hearth.

Peace, safeness, security...
Warmth, home, heart, coziness...
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