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Meanings in druidcraft and other decks

I'm not experienced at all, and I just got a Druidcraft tarot deck. I noticed some differences between them and classic decks and I’m wondering if the meanings are different too. In some cards like the Fferyllt, the Lovers, Cernunnos etc, the feeling I have is much different from the classic cards (Temperance, Lovers, Devil etc). For example, the Lovers card, doesn’t give me the sense of a choice you have to make, but that you already chose and you’re happy with it. Or the Fferyllt. Temperance always gives me the impression of patience not in a good way. In a way of “this too shall pass”. Fferyllt on the other hand makes me feel more optimistic. That you have to find the way, to combine things and then you’ll find peace and harmony. Is it right to try interpret cards from druidcraft with the meanings from other decks? What do you think? Or this deck has it’s own meanings?
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