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Originally Posted by Lunaea View Post
Hello, Mystical Cat people! I'm enjoying peeking in on this discussion -- I love to see all the meanings and significance given to the various symbols. Sometimes they are what Mickie and I intended, and sometimes not, and that's purrfect! We all make the tarot our own by using our own language of symbols. If anyone has any questions or wants any info about the creation of this deck, please feel free to email me: lunaea at
Oh hello there! I'm happy you noticed about our study.

I really try to dig into the symbolism so obviously it's possible I find stuff that is not really there...but as you said, sometimes it suits the card meaning for us and it's ok. But if you see me writing up something that does not make any sense at all, for example if I misinterpret completely an action or symbol, don't hesistate to tell me!

And thank you for the email, it might be useful indeed.

Thanks also for passing by!

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