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I also find this card quite difficult in regard to the aspect of 'integration', but feel perhaps that we need to recognise that all those aspects are within us to be used together, not necessarily fused together. We may be the union of all things, but we also need the opposing aspects to function. We need the balance without losing sight of the elements themselves.
I like the way the images are upside-down - the starry sky at the bottom and the crystal of the earth at the top.
To equate to the temperance card is the idea of balance. Temperance in my Robin Wood deck is one of my favourites, with a lovely 'feel' to it, but I do not feel so drawn to this new card.
I'm not very happy with my understanding of the book explanation of this card, talking of split personality (perhaps because I have a nephew who suffers greatly with paranoid schizophrenia and it just doesn't read well) and the integration of the mind. It just doesn't seem to match what I see in the card. Obviously I need to look some more.
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