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Originally Posted by Freder View Post
I've just completed "stage 1" of a complete re-design for the website. A big job! A lot of work goes in to making a website simple! It's been a process of finding workarounds for the limitations imposed by the host, while still trying to create something that's functional for more people and at least a little bit stylish.

At this point I can still go back to the old version if this proves unpopular. So (he says nervously) feedback is welcome.

Check it out:

-- Stellar, as far as "keeping up a pace" goes... this is what I do to (hopefully one day -- not so far) make a living. When you work at something eight or ten hours a day, seven days a week, you can get a lot done! And a lot of what of got done "quickly" this year is a result of groundwork laid earlier.

But I'm about to slow down at least in terms of output. The upcoming Arthur Rackham Oracle will likely be my last full deck release of the year. I've begun my next "official" tarot deck, which is something that can't be rushed and which I expect to work on from Fall through at least Spring 2016, in tandem with a writing project that I owe it to myself to finish. Mme. Loviise's Oracle has been set aside for the moment, and I'm not much deeply emotionally invested in the illustrated Lombardy -- so that will happen when it happens. My sense is that any new releases between now and the end of the year will be limited to extension packs for two Zirkus decks (which I'm quite excited about) and possibly some non-deck projects. And there's always the Donkey Work like this business of re-imagining the website that needs to get done behind the scenes.

Fall and Winter are good times for Laying Groundwork; with any luck the winter months will allow me another seeming burst of activity next year!

Thanks, all, for your much-appreciated support!


Some of us are very excited about your Rackham oracle deck and we are chatting about it in the following thread
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