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Red face

Yes I definately see motherhood when I get this card and funnily enough I got this card alot when I was going through my divorce, I never realised that Flavio until I read your post, but it was a comment from my brother who said I was a good mother when this card came up in a reading we were doing. I seem to get this card now when I am on the verge of creating some thing new in my life, it tells me that I'm on the right track, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction when I see this card and she looks satisfied to me too, happy with herself and life, I see the crown on her head as stars, the seeds/wishes of things that she has set in motion/planted. The symbol of Venus the love that she does it with, and I think that is a back of a chair, as it shows the support that she provides to others and that she can support herself, if the need arrises, some thing to tell a person if they are going through a divorce that there is and will be a life after the divorce and a better one, look at the abundance that surround's her, that's what your life will be like but it will take work before you can sit back and relax like the Empress. The scepter? not sure of the spelling guy's! that she holds also shows me that you can be The Empress of your own life and rule it well. Blessings
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