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I'm late gettin here but I see that there are lots-o-good interpretations of Mother Empress.

IMHO she is most definitely about mothering, motherhood, abundance but I think she also represents a natural earthiness as well. Look at her clothes, they appear to be of all natural material. She is surrounded by nature with her living wreath of flowers about her head.

In a reading, the Empress could mean many different things. For example, a more natural approach to parenting/mothering. She can have a negative side as well & could signify less mothering/smothering depending on the other cards present in the reading. I think it could also indicate a need to focus more on the body, being more physical or physically active.

I love the look on her face. It's pure serenity.

I see this card & picture oodles of kids climbing, crawling, playing, moving all over the place and she doesn't bat an eye. It's what she was built for & she does it with ease.
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