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This card really adds something extra to the traditional RW 5 of Swords scene. The one in possession of the Swords is a dragon. The three soldiers look like they're clinging together in a miserable huddle, beating a hasty retreat. But of course they could also be regrouping, formulating some cunning plan. They could be going to pull off a kind of David versus Goliath stunt. Who knows. The 5 of Swords always gives me that feeling - there's a very definite victor - in this case a marvellous gloating, green dragon, but somehow I always get a feeling, a kind of Wheel of Fortune-ish feeling that the tables could be turned and things could go the other way. I don't really know why I see it this way.
I like the way the card is full of shadows - shadowy trees, shadowy smoky plumes of dragon's breath, his huge shadow falling bluish-grey on the ground. Does this suggest that sometimes we allow ourselves to be deceived by murkiness and lack of light, that we create our own obstacles and conflict, by not seeing the situation clearly enough? Are our aggressions, our perceived wins and losses sometimes just illusions? There's certainly an overall foggy, unclear sort of atmosphere.
The mast (if that's what it is) in the distance is an interesting touch - it and the matter-of-fact-looking houses glimpsed between the trees ground the scene, which might otherwise seem lost in the realms of myth, lacking in relevance to our lives in the modern world.
This card reminds me to face my demons and look them in the eye - my inner and outer aggressors and victims, to try to work out what the real losses and gains are, what the best strategy is in areas of conflict in my life.
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