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The plant was in the original sgraffito. We talked about it a lot and decided to leave it in - I think we work with obsessive attention to detail at some points, while at others we actually go with a certain serendipity if it feels right. I like the plant as it is a poor struggling little thing that is managing to grow - at least in some way - in spite of all going on around it. I am not saying that this is deeply symbolic, more that it adds just a small nuance or touch that Alex and I both liked. The original sgraffitos in this series tend to have plants popping up in unlikely places - so the original artist obviously did want this. I think he was right - it adds a quirk that at the same time is quite touching.

We did try taking it out at one point - and it seemed to make things colder in an odd way.

I should also say that you can (just) catch a glimpse of this sgraffito in Milos Forman's Amadeus. In one scene Mozart is walking determindely and rather angrily into his house - part of these pictures can be seen behind him. It's a nice little coincidence, as in Amadeus Mozart is constantly betrayed and "set up" - due only to jealousy. It fits well - but no, it was not intentional (as I say, we try to "go with the flow" - or a kind of intuition - on some things, and it's amazing how this can end up supplying layers that could not have been planned in logically).
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