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Hi Chronata:

When reading your post and learning of you having the flu, I immediately though of how fast my head reeled when barely moving with the flu I had. I would be slightly dazed and dizzy for a bit.

I tend to forget what was wrote from the book and what was my own initial impressions, so I went back to the book to read of her just now. The flu I had was a stomach virus and my poor tummy was a constant pool of bubbles. LOL, what I find so amazing in just reading her pages now is first, "flu" is mentioned and secondly, one of the words I used over and over in describing how my stomach was is there too, that being "efferescent". Of course the context that both of these words were used wasn't about her causing the flu or heralding it. This has though made me to take note to really paying attention more to the words used in the book. They are strongly held (collectively of all who have read it), even if we see a card in a totally different light, with the book and the deck as a unit these are bound to each other. I just am going to be more aware of the words used to describe a card, kind of like aspects of it, incase with hind-sight I see more layers. I love how there is always others additional layers to peel with them.

LOL. At any rate, I love Taitin and I did draw her a few times during my bout with the flu. I also drew The Topsie-Turvets several times during that. That one I knew right off was talking of my unsettled tummy. LOL, dear me I'm not calling Taitin a little bugger. She's much too sweet and cute for that! Humm now the Turvets....well...? Naaa

Hope you get better soon. Do take it easy!
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