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Thanks everyone! I am actually starting to feel better!

And I can't tell ya how many wonderful, world-changing, inventive and creative ideas came to me, thanks to Taitin, while I lay in bed, unable to do anything but think!
I really wish I had written down a lot of them, but they disappated, along with my fever, like moonlight at dawn.
Oh well...
actually, the Bright Mother, and She of the Cruach, along with The Singer of Healing have been constant bedside companions throughout this horrible week!
There was a lot of "just hush up and let other people take care of you for once!"
I do not like being helpless, or unable to do simple things, like wash the dishes...and the fae know this!
But they also know that I needed to lay around and get better, too.
I say this a lot...but it's true!...It's really nice to have the faeries around!
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