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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
Huh. I'd say the opposite 7/Cups, according to Thoth, is delusion but also desire to experience the unknown to escape plain reality ("I never got to have the super-hot girl and slick car...I want to experience that!") And cup cards aren't just about going into dreamland. They're often about coming out of it. In fact (again, according to the Thoth deck), the 7/Cups itself can lead to "sobering" up. The person comes to realize that the dream was a delusion and by exploring it, returns to reality and is happier with that reality. That sounds like the 7-year-itch to me. Wandering off to experience something unknown with the delusion that it will bring happiness, only to "sober up."

7/Pents, OTOH, has always seemed to me a card that speaks of something that seemed absolutely possible, not a dalliance or dream or a fling. Not an itch to be scratched. It's something the person really, truly wants, really is working towards. Also something everyone might well think likely to happen (not shake their heads and say, "He'll get over it...")...which is why it's failure is so devastating. Like a phantom pregnancy or a miscarriage. The disruptive aspect of the card is in the expectation of it happening in the now. "Not yet" the card says. But it also says "eventually." The chance to have the real thing is possible.
I got a bit amused here because I see sobering up as literal....the cups are notorious boozers because they thrive in the dream/fantasy world...particularly Pisces who like to see the world like a fish would in an underwater world...dreamy and hazy. But anyway, I think you and I would have a tough go trying to reconcile Waite and Crowley to seeing it the same. I'm far from saying anybody is wrong in how they interpret the cards...but one thing I will say is that it takes more than one way of interpreting a card to cover the myriad possibilities that life presents in terms of dreams, "itches", and alcohol.....I just say, if the shoe fits, put it on.
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