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Originally Posted by Dogs&Coffee View Post
I use it semi-regularly. It works well with wild unknown, and any other hand drawn or woodcut deck.

Readings are pretty good. The guidebook offers a range of meanings per card but I usually just work off the keyword/intuition. It's also a good deck for small spreads (5 or under).
Thank you Dogs&Coffee! I am really excited to start working with this deck. I specifically saved it for the summer because it just feels like a summer night deck to me. So I've only looked through it until now. I feel like I really connect with the cards just through looking at them, so I probably won't have much need of the guidebook either, though I'll check it out since I'm just starting to work with the deck.

I am one of those rare readers that has not found a connection with the Wild Unknown...weird, I know, especially since nature-based decks are often my favorites! And I appreciate the deck's art, but I just don't seem to connect with it in a way that makes me feel drawn to read with it. Maybe that will change someday. But I like the idea of hand-drawn or woodcut decks generally to go with Flowers of the Night. I'll have to keep thinking about it.

I was also wondering about some night-setting tarot decks maybe...but again still trying to think of something that fits the bill.
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