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Hey folks! The deck is here!!! It arrived earlier in the week while I was down in San Jose at PantheaCon. Now that I'm back at my studio, I'm starting to pack up IndieGoGo and other preorders so I can start shipping them early this week. I do need to balance shipping time with other efforts like pulling together rent (since all money from Tarot of Bones sales goes into defraying the final costs--I'm still somewhat in the red, but making good progress!) But I'm going to be working hard over the next few weeks to get everything shipped; please be patient with this largely one-woman operation. And again, if you'd like to purchase the Tarot of Bonbes deck and/or book, you can do so at

Also, if you were one of the IndieGoGo backers, this is just one more reminder to please double-check and make sure your shipping address is correct! Please change your address in your IndieGoGo account *- directions are at*

Thank you so much <3
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