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having a love affair!

Not seeing anywhere ideal to post this, I think this will do.
I first saw this deck, and thought aww cute! But now i'm seeing that this deck is meaning much more to me.
For a start, as soon as I opened this deck on christmas day, I was in awe of the cards, the detail and the hours of devotion to the deck and book. I think its really shows that Anne wrote the book and painted the pictures, it gives the 2 a real sense of connectedness. Although I love Rachel Pollock, her books are so wordy and like seeing a card as a 'crime scene' putting all the clues together, but theres so much work to be done individually with this deck its just wonderful.
I started knitting (i haven't knitted in a while!) a bag for this deck in purple. Its now got a lovely handmade home which on reflection sets it off. The ladies of Arthur's court would have done the same, putting hours of work into something. I think I've got a little connection with this deck.
Now I cant stop shuffling it! It feels so soft and wonderful in my hands, looking at a few cards and just picking up on things I missed the first time. They are becoming my friends as I learn more about the legends and how they interact with me, my daily readings and my readings for others.
I know a few people that use this deck for relationship readings, does anyone use this deck as their primary deck? I think i'm tempted! And my sacred circle is getting jealous

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