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Hi Sezo

Sounds very much like the <<First Phase of Love>> to me. Maybe it was the Lovers card that put you over the top!

I'm not quite there yet, but we're definitely going steady. I don't have a lot of experience with Tarot dating - er, decks - but I can see that although Legend demands more attention and committment, she also has incredible depth. Poor old Connolly is still my reading deck and will be until I've explored all the Legend cards - we're in the midst of a three month holiday tour of Celtic Britain. Connolly was easy to get to know, but let me down on several occasions during my Majors meditations. Putting in so much time with Legend here at ATF is increasing my respect for her more and more. So when the 78 day romance is over, Legend has definite possibilities of becoming my "main squeeze".
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