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Originally Posted by Genna View Post
I have a new favourite Lenormand; Celtic Lenormans, by Chlo Mc Cracken and Will Worthington. It has a very good book and the cards are so warm and lovely. They have a good vibe; the readings sofar have been helpful but honest. There are some extra cards to choose from, or use togeather with the others in some spreads like Grand Tableau-a year ahead, but then you read around the cards that stand for the eight Sabbats. But then I guess it becomes an Oracle. I have read with 36 cards-no problem, and Im not a Pagan. Nothing in the cards screams Pagan; rather a historical Lenormand.

But the extra cards are nice to choose from. There is a female and a male Rider, A summer oak for the Oak King and a winter holy for the Holly King, a fierce snake and a snake shedding its skin, Song birds for the Maiden, hens for the Mother and darling owls for the Crone, a boy child and a girl child,a dog and a cat, a man and a lord, a woman and a lady.So cards to chose from, but no new cards, only the 36, but in variations.

The chapters on the cards are very good with keywords;nouns,descriptors,verbs; Person, playing card association(also on the card), Description, Meaning, Spiritua Readings, Dark and Light, Spell Use, Timing, Affirmation, Deities. There are chapters explaining why extra cards where added, The Wheel of the Year, Dark and Light, Working with Deity, Using the cards in Spells and quite a few spreads.

I feel right back in time with these cards.

Celtic lenormand cards would seems resonate to me, the sabbts. maidan, crone, mother, weel of the year. I'm not pagan.

i do use tarot cards for spells, but i never thought use the lenormand cards for spells.

do you like to use extra cards for lenormand cards? i don't use extra cards. i have to check this deck out.

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