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Mystical Lenormand

I should mention my favourite all time; the deck that has stood the test of time; Mystical Lenormand. I learned to read with it and it´s book, that has two examples of interpretation for every two-card combo possible. But the book has to be bought separately; (it´s rather thick).There are also good insight in the cards and card-reading, and good spreads, but not much on how to read Grand Tableau. You will need another book too.
The cards are lovely, small like lenormand cards should be, illustrated in egg-tempera. They are funny, warm, intelligent and original, every card has an animal on it (like Mystical Kipper which I also like). You see every scene through a different window frame.

The deck is by the medium Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and the artist Urban Trösch (like Mystical Kipper).

The cards have no playing card association, which is sad, but there is an astrological association. My deck has got so much use, that I´ve just got my third. Not because the cardstock was bad, but because I´ve used it so much so that my dog has found the pouch in my chair and chewed it.It has had my best pouch, knitted, and my dog thought it a toy. The deck is just fun to read with. And I feel a good warm vibe from it, I guess because of the illustrations.
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