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Originally Posted by tarotbear
In the Judgement card, Robin Wood wanted to 'remove' the heavy, Christian atmosphere of the Judgement card ~ Gabriel blowing his horn to raise the dead on Judgement Day. The woman rises out of the cauldron and spells out 'I Love You' in American Sign Language shorthand to show her great love for everyone.

This is an example where Robin Wood kept the name of the card in spite of the fact that the concept of Judgement has no place in her worldview.
Thank you for this.... because of the Phoenix, my view of the card, other people's comments and according to the small booklet that comes with the RW deck, etc... I was wondering how "Judgement" came into play on this card.

It's been a very long time since I have used my Rider-Waite deck, so when I read your post I had to pull it out and compare. This is one of the main reasons the Robin Wood deck has grabbed my attention, it is more Pagan based.
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