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9 of Pentacles - RWS

I've pulled 6 cards from other decks. They are:

Sacred Rose - A very odd deck and a very odd card. I used to read with this deck, but can't imagine why. Once again a woman is in her garden. Like all the cards in this deck she has a very odd expression on her face, which is one of the reasons I stopped reading with the deck. Her breasts are so exposed that she seems a symbol of the fertility of her garden. She is not just in the garden, she is imbedded in her garden. I can't tell where her hair ends and the garden begins. Are the vines and the roses there to embellish her hair, or are they part of her hair and growing in it? Is she firmly implanted in the garden by those vines and roses? She holds a jug and is watering her pentacles which are actually growing in the garden. They are the "flowers" on the plants in front of her. She isn't "just" enjoying her garden, she is the garden.

Witches Tarot - Another deck that I used to read from (I know because the cards were out of order and had reversals). This borderless card is a great contrast to the Sacred Rose card. It is painted in a very representational manner. A very pregnant, blond, young woman is alone in the garden. In this case I'm not even sure it is a garden. There are yellow flowers, the pentacles are their centers, in the front of her, a row of tall upright trees (firs I think) in the middle distance behind her and a beautiful blue and almost cloudless sky all around her. She is in profile. She doesn't know we are there. We don't know what she is looking at, but she is intently looking at something in the distance. Once again fertility is strongly implied in this card because she is so pregnant that the birth is imminent.

Unknown deck - I no longer have the box on this one and can't find it on the Internet. Again it is a deck I bought either late in the 80s or in the middle 90s. I never read with this one. It was still in perfect order. It is a very strange deck: collage and needlework on every card. A young woman stands under an embroidered tree. There are 8 stars imbedded in the tree. She looks towards an embroidered butterfly and holds a basket or tray in one hand and arm while gently stroking her face with the other hand. A "handkerchief" forms her background, and behind that is a leaf and flower background that fills the entire card up to its borders. She stands on a hill and applied to that hill are flowers from a piece of lace that have been filled in and colored. The card leaves me totally cold, which is why I never tried to read with this deck. I probably bought it from a description since actually seeing the cards in a deck wasn't possible in the 80s.

Tarocco Soprafino di F. Gumppenberg, Milano 1835- A classic Italian deck. This card has only pips, and no figures as was normal at the time it was designed. The "disks?" are yellow and red. They are yellow medallions with red centers and yellow rims. They are the sort of architectural detail the people of the time would have applied to a building or furniture. There are also two different decorative "crosses" to fill the space. Some of the pip cards in this deck have such things, others don't. This deck was still in order although the Court Cards had been pulled out from the pips. I never read with this deck and do not have a clue as to why it was purchased. Perhaps because it was the only Marseilles-type deck that didn't repulse me. I still find it attractive and pleasant to handle.

Mythic Tarot - Also outside of its box, but this one is still being sold so I could find out what it was called. It was used for readings. This deck changes the gender of a couple of the suits, Pentacles being one of the suits changed. A bearded man stands in front of a field, his hands clasped before him. He is wearing a gold gown and a crown of laurel leaves. The 8 gold pentacles are heaped up in front of him and he stands surrounded by a very formal, ready to harvest, grape arbor. Behind him is the field, hills, a lake and in the distance mountains. You can see just a bit of sky because of the arbor. I'm sure he is a figure in Greek and/or Roman myth, but I didn't go and find out which myth. Like the Lady in the RWS deck he is just standing there posing.

Tarot Art Nouveau - This is the only deck I've bought recently, and like a lot of the ones I've bought over the years, I bought it for its beauty and not because I wanted to use it for readings. She sits in a round shaped bench enclosure. She isn't aware of us at all.She has medium brown hair, and she is wrapped in blue and purple sheets, but isn't actually clothed. All around her, behind her head, and behind her body are Art Nouveau panels filled with flowers in the gold, gold-brown, blue and purple color scheme. The Coins are lined up at the side of the figure in its own panel, and they are true Coins with a head on them. The deck is impossible to read from. I actually pulled the 8 of Pentacles from this deck in error and described it before I found my mistake. Neither card actually fits either meaning, and both fit the meaning of the 9 of Pentacles equally well.

In almost all of the decks a person is alone in the garden. In some of the decks the fertility of the garden, and of the person in the garden, is uppermost. In the RWS, it is the fact that the woman is alone that you notice first. In the Witches Tarot the pregnancy is so close to completion that it is the first thing you see on the card. You have to really look at the rest of the card to see it. On the Sacred Rose, the woman and the garden are one, as they are not in any of the other decks. In the Mythic it is possible that if I knew what the story behind the card was, I might understand it better. The Tarocco Soprafino really requires that you read the pips through numerology. I didn't pull the Thoth Tarot card, but I am aware that the pips in that deck, although non-pictorial, have obvious emotions attached to them. Sometimes they are violent; sometimes they weep.
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