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For whipsilk and all others

I would have liked to had the opportunity to meet Mary also. I have three of her books; 21 Ways, Reversals, and Tarot Mirrors -- this last book was published in 1988 and a special appeal to me. I keep Reversals at my desk for reference as I find it highly informative and helpful.

Mary, in her last message, also noted that, "It usually helps to begin the interpretation with a restatement of the position meaning, such as the 8 of Wands indicates that what you fear is . . . making a hasty decision that you'll regret later" as a way to frame the positional meaning and lead into the card's meaning. She went on to say, "The card in a "Fears" position does not say that you'll definitely 'make a hasty decision,' but only that you are afraid of doing it, and, by itself, this card does not give advice for fixing the fear or its object. It is simply a picture of that fear."

As for myself, I read each card as I turn it over. I make a brief statement and let the querent comment or ask questions. As I go through each position and card, I start to relate it to other cards. When the story doesn't flow I note that it doesn't and that I expect the other to-be-read cards will make it all clearer. Many times the querent will discuss what a card could mean.

When I have the whole spread before me than I read it as a continuing story. If the querent puts a different slant on what I say then I pursue that. I'll not try to slant my reading to fit a context that is offered unless it is obvious that the context fits the cards. What the cards say is what they say. I don't care if they are presumed "wrong" -- I've seen too many times when they turn out to be right. While my readings may be sloppy at times they have never been wrong. I have complete faith in what they help me discern. Dave
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