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Tarot of Dreams Star

The main benefits of the Star are inspiration compassion and hope

In my life I need to be more compassionate

I would phrase the question:
Who can I be more compassionate towards?

In AA I am normally compassionate of the newcomer but when a person keeps relapsing especially a person with a lot of time I tend to just ask what happened so I do not make the same mistake but there is very little compassion this is definitely something I am working on.

The positions I am using are
What is known?
What is hidden?
Next step

It is known I can be more compassionate towards an old timer that relapses and offer inspiration and hope.

What are hidden are the spiritual forces that I can not see are at work all around us maybe that person relapsed to save many more like a dear in a herd that gives its life so the herd can live. Offer compassion towards the person making the sacrifice so we can live relapse can = death

My next step in my spiritual grown is to offer compassion even if I do not feel it originally because there are many spiritual forced at work that I do not understand, if I do not offer compassion now I might be the one needing compassion latter.
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