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Swords and strife

Swords relate to strife; how we handle it, use, endure it, avoid it, remember it, etc. Three, as a number, relates relationships and what they result in.

I have always seen the three swords (implied in the Fey deck) as relating to past hurts, present hurts, and the potential or vulnerability to be hurt again. In other words, this card represents the nature of life when we open to others. Of course, this is only one side of life, but that is the nature of "strife." This suit deals with that side of our life.

In this Fey 3 of Swords, the Fey is concerned about being marked by the sword. Being in water (affected by his emotions and feelings about everything -- its a big ocean -- he stands somewhat out of those emotions. Yet, he is marked. What can this mean. Has he been hurt, will he bit hurt, does he reflect the ability or intent to hurt? These questions will be answered by the place within the spread that this card is located in.

So, how would a high-minded Fey deal with this marking-by-strife? Is this a branding? Can it be removed if he thinks and acts differently? How will others view him when they see this "sword" image? Is he what he appears to be? This is a most unusual 3 of Swords. But then, that is the Fey deck, a very different and seeking kind of deck. It is my favorite. Dave
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