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Originally Posted by Aximili
Losgunna and her attendants seem to be preparing for a journey into the Great Unknown, in much the same style as the Journeyman... But while the Journeyman sets out into the world to put his skills to the test and make his way in the world, Losgunna represents the more mature sense of adventure that sees us seek out new places and experiences, simply for the joys and pleasures of it all. We yearn for exotic climes and beautiful scenes, but Losgunna often reminds us that what we already have, whether we recognized it or not, is just as good, if not better, than our dreams.
I like the way you make a link with her and the Journeyman! I'd never thought of it like that but it makes a lot of sense. I see the Journeyman as starting out on some kind of quest, following a path 'over' the world to seek his fortune, whilst Losgunna is more of a traveller 'into' things. As you say, she is Queen of Amphibians and can exist in more than 1 element....water, the element of emotions is as much a home to her as the air..and she can take deep journeys ino the human psyche. Like a frog leaping into a dark pool, not all she sees is pretty...some may be threatening or disturbing. But her calm, blissed-out expression shows she knows how to extract the joy and meaning from the darkest inner journey.

Originally Posted by Aximili
More than anything, Losgunna is an enigma. She and her consorts go where they please, when they please. She is as wild and free as the wind...
That is true. I think she is a very sensual, vital being who attracts other Fae into her glowing presence. Her free and sensual nature allows her and those around her to feel free to try new tastes, sounds and sensations wherever they may be found. This reminds us all that we can revitalise ourselves just by making some small change to our everyday routine...this will involve a certain 'risking' of the self, a cerain generousness of spirit as we come upon new situations and new people...and this is where Losgunna is so like her sister the Laume.
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