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Losgunna always reminds me of several key messages when I see her...

One... get ready to go down to the very murkiest depths of the issue at hand and squish your froggy toes in the mud of That Which Lies Beneath the issue you're facing. She gets to the bottom of things, and isn't afraid of the muck and mire and filth that one must work through in order to reach the Depths of Ourselves.

And two... like the lotus image from Hinduism, Losgunna transcends the mud of below and rises to the surface, rising above the messy muck through clearer waters to reach the clean airy understanding above. She is a creature who understand the realms of the watery (emotions), the muddy (earthy groudnedness) and the airy (intellectual understanding) and she can move between all three with ease (as amphibian creatures are inclined to do).

As such, she can raise your deepest issues from the depths of your soul and bring them to the light in a way that allows you to see them without fear.
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