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Step 14 - Fantastic Menagerie

CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Menagerie
The entire deck can be seen here:


Cards: The Star, 9 of Cups, 5 of Wands (cards used in Step 12)

Similarities between The Star & 9 of Cups: they are both odd numbers; characters are facing the same direction; both cards have quite a bit of green in them.

Differences between The Star & 9 of Cups: The Star card has more characters; The Star is in a natural environment whereas the 9 of cups is in a more urban setting; the ibis-woman in The Star card is naked, the elephant in the 9 of cups is dressed; the ibis-woman has her arms open (open body language) whereas the elephant has his hands in his pockets (closing himself off a bit).

Similarities between The Star & 5 of Wands: they are both odd numbers; both have multiple characters including one female; use of the colors green and blue.

Differences between The Star & 5 of Wands: The Star has a tranquil environment, the 5 of wands has an environment of conflict; nudity vs. clothes; open body posture vs. agression and defensiveness; The Star seems free and part of the world, the cocks in the 5 of wands are all in uniform bonded to some army or another.

Similarities between the 9 of Cups & 5 of Wands: both odd numbers; both in urban settings; both cards have a masculine feel to them (testosterone); use of greens and reds in clothing; the wearing of hats.

Differences beteen the 9 of Cups & 5 of Wands: 9 of cups figure is solo where the 5 of wands has multiple characters; style of dress - business vs. uniforms; mood - celebration vs. aggression; the 9 of cups seems older, more mature, where the figures in the 5 of wands seem young, passionate, and impetuous.

Looking at the similarities and differences, with the exception that all cards are odd numbers, what this suggests to me is that The Star is in a realm or class all of her own, far from the mundane activities one sees in the other two cards. They also suggest that we have options in how we choose to act or handle situations (9 of cups & 5 wands). The Star and 9 of cups are both looking away from the 5 of wands which suggests that bravado and aggression are not the way to go in this situation. In turn, The Star is looking away from the 9 of cups indicating that self-indulgence is not the way to go either. That all three cards are odd indicates that there is a lack of balance in handling the situation.

14.2 Are there any repeated suits, elements, numbers, or symbols in the 3 cards?

The Star is air, the 9 of cups is water, and the 5 of wands is fire. Although air and fire are friendly, air and water neutral, and water and fire unfriendly I find the most powerful of the elemental connections to be between the unfriendlies as these seem to be the behaviors manifested in the here and now relative to the issue presented in The Star. Again she just seems removed from the other two cards.

As noted above the cards all have odd numbers. This again supports the discord that is also seen in the elements. However, if we go back to Step 5 and reduce the Star to 8 then we have an even number that signifies strength. This in turn could be an influence on the other two odd cards in a positive manner allowing for growth which is where the color green comes in.

Green is also noticeable if not prevalent in all cards. Going back to Step 13 this symbol suggests healing, regeneartion, and growth and which give the stiuation hope of finding resolution. It will not be easy (going back to the odd cards) but it can be done with perseverance.

I found this Step very interesting because it does mirror my situation, down to the fact that I am just not sure what to do because nothing seems to work. But it also tells me that there is something that will work ... just not what that is.

This book is definetly not about tarot alone. Yes I am learning a lot about tarot, but it is also taking me on an internal journey. One I have needed to go on for some time and did not even know it.
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