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Once in awhile we run into a brick wall. You can wait for a few days to pass (like I did at one step), your can try a different approach, you can just skip forward and come back to the challenge later, or you can ask for some help.

Don't beat yourself up. The idea behind all of this is to learn and gain insights into the cards and into ourselves. We are the cards. We can learn about the cards and the blockages when we come to a halt.
** What card(s) seem to be associated with the blockage?
** What don't we like, what do we like about this/these card(s)?
** How does our frustration feel to us?
** Can you associate this frustration or blockage with a life experience?

Just as in Astrology, Tarot can present us with two factors that just don't seem to go together. Not necessarily "opposites" but two things that just don't seem to be associated or disassociated. I did a chart for an AT member just two days ago that had such a strange condition. The secret in understanding the issue was to to treat each factor on its own and see them as an incongruity. This is exactly what this person experienced: two sides to an issue that one would never expect to encounter. It was a dilemma. Just saying what it was was enough to bring the issue into the open where it could be seen for what it was. Be flexible. Relax. We are here to help if need be. Dave
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