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Originally Posted by Starling
My chosen card is the 9 of Pentacles.
My Next Step is the Ace of Swords.
The Hierophant can help me break my block.
The Outcome is the Ace of Cups.

The two Aces.

Hands hold symbolic object.
Hands come out of clouds.
There is gold on the card, in the Cup and in the Sword's crown.
The sky is grey.
The hands come from different directions.
One hand is male, one female.

There are drops in the air on both cards but on the Sword they are yellow or gold, and on the Cup they are drops of water.

The two figure cards.

Both figures (main figure on Hierophant) wear red although the shades are different and the figure on the 9 of Pentacles (the lady) wears red as a lining of her garment.
Both figures hold symbols of their position. The Hierophant has a triple cross scepter; The lady holds a hooded falcon.
There are two pillars on The Hierophant and he sits between them; there are two trees in the background on the 9 of Pentacles and the lady stands between them.
Lilies and roses appear on the robes of the "monks" on The Hierophant; ripe grapes on the 9 of Pentacles. These are symbols of abundance.
One figure is male, the other female.
She is alone; he has two monks at his feet.
He sits directly facing front; her body faces one way and her head and gaze face towards the bird on her wrist.
You've described your cards well Starling, but what else do they suggest other than numbers and elements?
Reason being, for the Aces (RWS) hand holds a cup in its palm, the Swords grips...what does this mean to you as far as "next step"(Ace of Sword) and "outcome" (Ace of Cups)?
Not trying to be a hardass, Starling, just wanting to see more of what these cards mean to you.
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