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Originally Posted by KnightMove View Post
Thank you Huck. Indeed I play Tarock-Königrufen, and to a lesser extent, French Tarot and Hungarian Tarokk. And yes, also chess.

I have read about the 5x14-theory there, and actually I joined this forum to check it. While I am sympathetic to the theory, I don't think that all the arguments given there are correct. Do you prefer further conversation here or by private message?
Yes, it may be wise to keep questions outside of the thread, as it is still expanding, an later there might be too much diffusion to read the original in its continuity. But it might be also wise to have it public. I opened a thread for questions, which you likely easily detect.

For the articles at the website ... a lot of them are rather old (maybe 6 years mostly). The theory has developed in many points meanwhile.

And ... :-) ... I enjoy to get critique, specially if there's indeed something wrong. That's no problem.
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