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Originally Posted by Huck View Post
... :-)
20 Juno is Juno ... there is no Popess. See Belgian Tarot.
19 There is no Emperor or Empress. Instead there is ...
If you check Etteilla, he equates the Marriage (not Love) card with the Pope who is marrying the two people. The Dames added the de Gébelin idea of the Two Paths (Choice between Vice and Virtue) as a separate card.

Jupiter and Juno could be either the Papess-Pope or Emperor-Empress in the Dames (they seem more like secular royalty to me).

The new image of "Law & Faith" seems pretty obvious as the Popess - book and all - as well as its general position in the sequence.

Yes, there's all kinds of social commentary in the deck and a focus on love and marriage.

But, my point is that the cards numbered 1 through 21 are a set that includes equivalents for the 21 Trumps plus the Fool. The few that do not appear obvious at first are made clear by reading the texts in de Gébelin and de Mellet where they often refer to the exact images or phrases.

This is more of a de Gébelin/Mellet deck than an Etteilla one.
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