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Originally Posted by Nalini View Post

Dunno if any more questions are being taken, in case if it is yes, then do have a question.

Question: Will 'AC' get arrested this month?

Date: Time of question: 08:33 AM

Date of question: Thursday, May 10, 2012

Place of question: Kolkata, India

Latitude & Longitude: 2234′10.92″N / 8822′10.92″E

Link to chart: http://i50.*******.com/e9udl0.jpg

Many thanks in advance.
Yes the thread is still open but to answer this question requires a lot more background. What are the circumstances behind the question and how do they relate to you?

This informaction is vital for the determination of the houses used to derive the answer. Who is AC - are they a relative, friend, or colleague for example. What crime(s) are alleged? and is AC in the habit of getting arrestedand indeed do they live a criminal lifestyle
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