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I noticed in looking at some other study threads that the initial posters copy info from the accompanying books (if there is one). Is that the way groups "normally" do it? If it is I don't mind doing it, but I may not get to it until later tonight or tommorrow. I'm dealing w/ my 2nd cold in two and a half weeks. So if you guys want to go ahead and start now feel free. I won't be offended. If you want me to start the thread that's fine too. I thought we'd follow the order in the book so the first card, as Fulgour pointed out, would be the Princess of Wands. You could start gathering your thoughts about it now. Actually, I think I'll open a thread now & e-mail Moonbow since she's so graciously offered to scan them. That way even the people w/out the deck can have time to look at it & get the wheels turning instead of feeling a little left behind if the thread takes off b/c everyone else has seen the card already. See you there, Folks! :o)
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