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I haven't had my metallic decks longer than a year yet, so I can't give much input on how they hold up! I'm happy to hear from others on this thread that the gold/silver foil seems to stay on very well. I have some idea that if it does begin to flake off, it might be difficult to tell anyway. As others have mentioned, Lo Scarabeo seems to have chosen to give the foil a "flawed" look on purpose, to give the sparkle a bit of character. Regardless I'm more careful with my metallic foil decks than I am with others. I never riffle them when shuffling; I just kind of let the two edges of the deck fall together lengthwise, then gently push them together.

It's hard to pick a favorite from my shinies, but I definitely appreciate the Golden Botticelli and the Golden Tarot of Klimt because of their art, and I love the Golden Universal because of its similarities to the familiar RWS.
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