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Originally Posted by lotusindigo View Post
EmpyreanKnight, the thread about decks we love except that ONE card reminded me of this... Lo Scarabeo has a gold-foiled deck called the "Golden Tarot of the Renaissance" or sometimes the "Gold Estensi." There is a single card in this deck - the 10 of Denarii (Pentacles) - that has NO gold foil on it whatsoever. It is the only card in the entire deck without foil, and it is very IRONIC that a card representing wealth should be the card with no gold. I started a thread about it here:

Apparently this was deliberate on the part of LoS, or maybe even on the deck creator. Regardless of the reason, it really bothered me to have this one card not match the rest of the deck. If you think this might bother you as well, I'd stay away from the Golden Tarot of the Renaissance.
Hey lotusindigo, a whole lotta thanks for the heads up! Ah, but that was one of the decks I was eyeing, along with the Tsar, the Botticelli, and the Klimt. I very much dislike unpleasant surprises, and thanks for sparing me this. But the art is really sumptuous, and perhaps I may be able to overlook that card for all the richness of its sisters. Let's see though.

I just wonder, why does LS do this to their metallic decks?
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