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Empyrean, there are other reasons why the Renaissance, albeit drop-dead gorgeous, is not a reading deck for a lot of people. Only 17 cards remain of the original deck, and the rest were recreated for this edition using as sources the frescos of some Renaissance villa whose name escapes me at the moment. The choices made, however, particularly in the minors, make it, let's say, somewhat idiosyncratic.

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I have the Klimt + mini, Renaissance, Universal, Botticelli, Visconti, Tsar, all of them in fact. No problems whatosever. I have been using the Klimt for ages. the edges are scuffed but no wear on the gold.
LeFanu has made an excellent list of LS golden-foiled beauties. And they are pretty affordable, so in time you can own them all, including the inscrutable Renaissance.

And then of course you can move on to metallic ink decks.... which is a different ball of yarn altogether....
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