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Originally Posted by lotusindigo View Post
You're welcome. TBH, had I known ahead of time that the 10 of Denarii was without foil, I probably still would have purchased the Golden Tarot of the Renaissance, simply for the sake of having such a lovely deck in my collection. It was (like you said) just the unpleasant surprise that left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.
Hey lotusindigo, that's exactly what I was thinking. Same with you, I'm leaning on the PURCHASE! side with the Renaissance.

Originally Posted by lotusindigo View Post
FLizarraga, what are these metallic INK decks of which you speak??
But really, you just had to ask that question, didn't you? If I had hands that reach halfway around the world I'd strangle you (a bit). And maybe look at your marvellous metallic decks over some of your renowned barbecues, and pilfer one or two when you're not looking.
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