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Originally Posted by Thoughtful View Post
l so want to put this in motion, the only small worry is that RWS and l don't get along at all well. Must say though it looks a far more approachable deck as the artwork doesn't look so bleak and awkward. Sorry RWS lovers. This Golden deck so laden with gold has to be a beauty to behold and may be the one l can fall in love with

Yes, while I do prefer the original RWS over the Golden Universal because it's more mystical and because its images were the ones I grew up admiring, the Golden Universal is warmer and more inviting. That said, if you have a copy of the Universal Tarot, the Golden Universal is precisely that, just with gold accents added.

By the way, if I may suggest this, the canonical 78 Degrees of Wisdom and Fenton-Smith's The Tarot Revealed were hugely helpful in breaking me into my RWS studies. Have fun with your journey!
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