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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
if you have a copy of the Universal Tarot, the Golden Universal is precisely that, just with gold accents added.

By the way, if I may suggest this, the canonical 78 Degrees of Wisdom and Fenton-Smith's The Tarot Revealed were hugely helpful in breaking me into my RWS studies. Have fun with your journey!
l have a pocket Universal re-coloured by Mary Hanson Roberts and is the only Rider tarot that l actually can begin to relate to. l bought the Centennial hoping this was the one, just cannot get on with it. Will still give thought to the Golden though.

As for books l have read plenty of those pertaining to RWS, l have small breakthroughs then it all goes backwards again. Don't know what it is apart from perhaps the artwork does not come alive for me. There are decks that absolutely sing and others that are just mere cardboard pictures.

Gone off topic a bit here sorry. Thanks for your comments
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