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Originally Posted by reall View Post
im interested to know is it possible to purchase that metalic ink separately?)
or what you can use to get that gold/metalic touch on your deck and to keep it there!)

Now that's a thought! I mentally heaved at the idea of applying metallic ink at some of my decks, although this is more because I dont think I can carry that out pretty well. But I remembered reading that Lo Scarabeo is releasing a Color Your Tarot deck next year. I also remember seeing metal ink markers in our friendly neighborhood bookstore, or (if you want to go full on rogue) those bulky pens with metally-glittery ink. It's just that I'm not so sure about the stability of these inks, in time they might smear or run or stain the backs of other cards.

Have you guys experimented with metallic inks or markers on your decks? Did they hold up admirably or were the results rather hair-raising? Want to share the brand and color of the markers you used?
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