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Originally Posted by illyria View Post
Hello, EmpyreanKnight! It's so lovely to see someone from Manila on the boards, too.

I've yet to use any metallic ink on actual tarot cardstock, but it seems like the end result would depend on how porous the paper actually is. Laminate can definitely affect how the ink "sticks," but if my limited experience is anything to go by, metallic ink always seems to smudge so much faster.
Hi illyria. Glad to see another kababayan here, and with such a princely collection! How did you manage to amass all of that? A friend with a similarly huge hoard travels with her family to the US every year, and this is where she buys most of her decks.

I think the Color Your Tarot must have a receptive surface if it was meant to be inked. I read somewhere that there are processes you may follow to make sure the colors stick to the cards, a form of lamination if you will. I'm gonna read up on that. I do hope that when LS releases this deck it would include in its manual recommendations on how to stabilize the cards after one works on them.
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