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Hi illyria. Glad to see another kababayan here, and with such a princely collection! How did you manage to amass all of that? A friend with a similarly huge hoard travels with her family to the US every year, and this is where she buys most of her decks.
Ah! I rely on ebay and Amazon a lot, and recently, the Trading Forum here on AT. Everything was acquired over the course of the year (mhmm, and also, yikes!), but then I have that sort of obsessive personality.

I think the Color Your Tarot must have a receptive surface if it was meant to be inked. I read somewhere that there are processes you may follow to make sure the colors stick to the cards, a form of lamination if you will. I'm gonna read up on that. I do hope that when LS releases this deck it would include in its manual recommendations on how to stabilize the cards after one works on them.
I came across fixative sprays in my reading, and I'm pretty sure AT has a few threads on it.
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