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Originally Posted by schizandra View Post
Lo Scarabeo has a gold-foiled deck called the "Golden Tarot of the Renaissance" or sometimes the "Gold Estensi." There is a single card in this deck - the 10 of Denarii (Pentacles) - that has NO gold foil on it whatsoever. It is the only card in the entire deck without foil, and it is very IRONIC that a card representing wealth should be the card with no gold.
It's a deliberate irony, like the Deviant Moon Deck's Moon card being the ONLY card in the deck without a Moon, and the Tarot of the Dead's Death card being the only card to show a vibrant human being bursting with life instead of the skeletons on all the other cards. Irony is a definite technique that lifts a deck for me, rather than marring it.
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