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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
Well, since I'm not the most learned cat in the room (I'm more of the "you say decan, I hear deacon" variety) and Giordano Berti is supposed to be an expert, I tend to think other people know something I don't.

Granted, it is a thing of beauty (and a joy forever). Plus the choice of frescos for the remaining cards does give it a very satisfying cohesiveness, stylistically speaking, don't you think?

But it sort of looks like a case of "What were they SMOKING?", if you know what I mean.

Yes! I'm sure he is an expert, absolutely. It's just that no amount of expertise will make me believe someone can look that bored after self mutilation. I guess I can blame Attis' expression (and the grabby gentleman on the 2 of Cups) on the frescos... which, as you said, do give a nice cohesiveness to the deck. But for myself, I mostly like having those 17 gorgeous Estensi cards with the gold foil.
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