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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
I have to confess, I find the Nefertari a bit Cairo-Souvenir-shop so tend not to use it.
Well, that, too. The so-called Egyptian figures are a very 20th-century take on Egyptology. And the blue that's ment to represent lapis lazuli on - say - the Wands, is a very saggy sodalite-blue instead. But that's a part of its charm! Along with all the dazzling gold.

The Klimt really is my favourite though - I like the gold in geometric, modernist slabs.
But its only little bits of gold, sadly. I've definitely got the magpe gene.

Whatever your tastes, these LoS gold decks are quite something...But one should really have them ALL instead of picking and choosing...
FINALLY you talk sense! <wipes brow with relief>
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