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Dave offers his views and efforts for step 14.

Step 14:
List similarities for the chosen card and two other cards.
Alternatively, use any cards in a three card spread.

Since I had come against the proverbial wall the other day in terms of creativity, tarot, astrology and just feeling like a capable human, Iíve decided to throw a three card spread in place of using my chosen card. Iíll combine this into a mini-reading as well as trying to address Step 14. For those who offered kind thoughts and supportive energy, thank you.

Iím using the Fey Tarot. I do not use reversals with this deck, as a rule.
Card One; What has been frustrating me? Five of Pentacles.
Card Two; What is the best path forward and/or resource to use? King of Wands.
Card Three; What can I learn from this experience? Ten of Chalices.

Fey Five of Pentacles has a large dark creature outside of a window, looking inward. Two Fey sit on couches before a single flaming pentacle, a tea pot and cups sit before them. A warm glow fills the room. This card notes both the poverty or unhappiness outside contrasted with the warmth and comfort within. The window can be used for viewing either inward or outward. My own perceptions or mood might be the problem.

Fey King of Wands has a young Fey with large crown and green clothing sitting upon pillows that rest upon a tree branch. The branches around him have lighted candles mounted upon them. A large color-swirled globe or ball is in his lap. He looks to his right. The abundant light of the candles and his gaze show that he is observant. He holds a variety of colors (emotions) in his lap. I should sit quietly and observe things around me to see where life is going.

Fey Ten of Chalices shows two Fey of differing appearance sitting within a large chalice, each holding one end of a rainbow. Jewels and ornaments adorn the chalice which sits upon a watery surface, ripples spreading out. This card suggests that life has to be shared and joy found in sharing. Sharing brings balance, these influences spread outward. I should seek to be involved with others when problems just donít work out right.

A nice set of cards and quite meaningful. I had not been able to work upon my book to get it ready for the publisher; that was frustrating. The youngest boy was ignoring his schoolwork, backing out of some commitments he had made, was talking with his new girlfriend late at night on his cell phone (we caught him), I was having issues with Robot programming for my students. The wife was on edge (this is an extremely polite and watered down statement that doesnít hint at the true nature of her mood) and the new car had a scratch. Since Iím generally pretty calm and cool, letting this collection of lifeís wrinkles affect me was a strange experience. When all of this flows I choose to act as if I donít have a clue. But in this case, I tried to let things pass. When they didnít I shared each of these issues with someone else and got some great feedback. Now, am I living my cards or are the cards affirming life?

** Each card has a lot of light and warmth.
** Each card shows a contrast between light and darkness.
** Each card has a focal object that is gold in color.
** All of the Fey are seated.
** All cards have significant round objects within them.

** One card has no flames.
** One card has only one person shown.
** Two cards have the figures sitting up high, not on the ground or near floor level.
** Each card belongs to a different suit.

All three cards work well together. Wands and Pentacles can be supportive of business activities and any structured working-together arrangement. Wands and Cups combine to often assure happiness and cooperation. Cups and Pentacles can often support agreement and a comfort level between them.

Even though I have been studying and practicing Astrology for over 35 years, I do not mix Astrology and Tarot together. Iíve found all of the systems relating the two to be highly unsatisfactory to my understanding and use of both systems.

So, I now feel comfortable. Iíve spent the whole day outside in the mild sunshine with the wind blowing, painting my railings and deck, and also played with the dog. Again, thanks to all of have been so supportive. And, arenít we all happy to see so many new participants joining our study group? This is just so great. Dave
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